Reshape change log

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Reshape 0.7.4

Reshape 0.7.1

Reshape 0.7

This new version of reshape substantially expands the type of output you can cast into. You can now make nested lists, cast(m, a ~ b | c) or cast(m, a ~ b | c + d), and multidimensional arrays, cast(m, a ~ b ~ c) (or any combination of the two). See the examples in ?cast.

What else is new?:

Reshape 0.6.2

Reshape 0.5

The big news in this version of reshape is that I've renamed all the functions so they no longer conflict with any built in functions - deshape is now melt (think liquid data) and reshape is now cast (think solidifying data into the form you want).

What's new (apart from the big renaming)?